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Burqa, also transliterated as Boka, Buga or Poka, is the traditional dress of women in Arab countries and some Islamic countries, and it is also the regulation of most of these countries. After wearing it, the woman was wrapped from head to toe, and could only see the outside world through a small piece of gauze in front of her. The burqa is a loose, black, floor sweeping coat, but the burqa has different styles, styles, colors, tailoring and wearing methods due to different customs in different countries. However, under the influence of western fashion trends, women's gowns have also changed with the fashion trend, and are no longer just a piece of simple black cloth.

The color of the burqa


The traditional black burqa is the mainstream, followed by dark blue, coffee, light purple and other dark color series. The other is double-layer cloth. The outer layer of tulle is mainly black, but the inner layer can be red, yellow, white, orange, etc. in addition, gold, silver, scarlet burqa are only worn at weddings and other banquets. Women can choose the color they like or choose according to the atmosphere of the occasion.


Clipping style


The burqa has a one-piece pullover, with a coat style open front button or concealed button, or an inner lining on the front, and a hat. The burqa is worn on the outermost layer, so it is mostly cut in a straight, loose and slightly long way. However, with the changes of the times, there have gradually emerged the fitting and waist robes, which are favored by young and fashionable women.




The materials of the burqa are also different in different countries, which directly affects the price of the burqa. Ordinary black cloth, cotton linen, rayon to pure silk, and different decorative accessories, such as machine embroidered color patterns or manual embroidery, and sequins, beads, crystals, broken diamonds sewn at the cuffs and skirts. The burqa with good texture is light and comfortable to wear, without the feeling of weight-bearing and sultry.


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