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Lace is a medium for women to show their sexy charm, and it is also a symbol of mature femininity. But if they can wear lace skirts, they should also be able to maintain lace skirts, so that their charm can last for a long time! How do we usually maintain our dresses?


Lace dress cleaning and maintenance


Maintenance method 1


First, put the lace skirt in the laundry bag and wash it regularly with a neutral detergent. Or before cleaning the lace dress, put a towel in the sink first, and then pick up the lace dress with a towel after washing, which can prevent the lace from breaking accidentally.


Note: don't soak lace dresses for too long when washing, and it's not easy to rub them vigorously. Don't screw them dry after washing.


Maintenance method 2


For more advanced lace products, use a low-temperature iron to iron the lace of the lace skirt after washing, so that the extensibility of the lace will be good, and the pattern of the lace will not be distorted.


Maintenance method 3


Do not concentrate on detergent, bleach, and other cleaning agents that do great harm to lace dresses. These cleaning agents will greatly affect the stability of color and spoil good products. When cleaning lace, use mild soap or detergent specially for delicate textiles.


Drying and maintenance of lace dress


Maintenance method 1: avoid hanging for a long time


It is recommended not to hang the lace dress for a long time, because most of the lace fabrics are soft and loose. Hanging for a long time is easy to cause the lace dress to sag and deform, losing its original shape. If you don't wear it for a long time, it is recommended to fold it and put it flat in the wardrobe.


Maintenance method 2: use cloth clothes hangers


If a lace dress with sleeves is hung on a hanger, it is best to choose a hanger made of cloth, or wrap both ends of the hanger with small towels, so that the sleeves of the dress will not be deformed.


Maintenance method 3: lay flat and dry


Wrap the lace dress in a dry towel to absorb water, and then lay the lace dress on the net bag to dry naturally.


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