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The explanation for the less clothing in summer, the hotter it is, is that when the temperature approaches or exceeds 37°C, the skin not only weakens the heat dissipation function, but also absorbs heat from the external environment. Wearing too little can easily get burned by UV rays and cause skin inflammation, so the harder it is to get hot, the less you can't just wear a vest, shorts or shirtless. Although there is no specific professional conclusion for this theory, it is very reliable based on personal experience, otherwise it may cause skin diseases.


Some people say that silk fabrics are the most comfortable to wear, but in terms of materials, silk is the coolest, but cotton is the best for breathability and sweat absorption. Many elderly and children are still used to cotton clothes in summer. In addition, the clothes should be loose, and the collar and cuffs should be open.


So, is the robe worn by the Arabs the most heat-resistant dress? Experience shows that this kind of dress is on the one hand belief, and it really has the effect of sun protection and heatstroke prevention. For example, the Sudanese robes have no collar, and the bust and sleeves are fat. In many Arab countries, fat bloomers are also popular. This kind of clothing has irreplaceable advantages in the hot and rainy Arab regions.


Robes are more heat-resistant and body-protective than other styles of clothing. No matter white or other colors of robes, while absorbing external heat, a ventilation pipe is formed inside, and the air circulates from bottom to top, just like a chimney, making the human body feel cool. The turban of the Arabs is also a product of the desert environment. It acts as a hat, providing sun protection in summer and keeping warm in winter. This kind of turban is a piece of cloth, which is placed on the head and fixed with a headband. Its color is mostly white, and there are other colors.


Despite the theoretical support of wearing a robe for sun protection in summer, I still think short-sleeved silk trousers are the coolest. After all, the white thighs are exposed under the sun, which looks a bit cruel. If robes become sun protection clothing in the future, then learn from the Arabs, wear large robes outdoors, and wear them whenever you want to stay cool when you go home.